Zinc Strips for Mold & Lichen Growth: Roofing in Norton, MA

Use Zinc Strips to Prevent Mold and Lichen GrowthOne of the most frustrating maintenance issues for homeowners in Massachusetts is having to deal with mold and lichen growth. It can occur just about anywhere, but the most damaging location for it seems to be the roof. After paying for new installation of professional roofing in Norton, MA, the last thing you want is to discover stains and damage caused by mold and lichen. There are lots of tips available on how to clean this growth off of your roof, but the best thing that you can do is to prevent it from ever happening in the first place.

What are Zinc Strips?
If you look at houses in your neighborhood, you will likely notice some metal strips around the ridgeline of the roof. They are used frequently in residential building remodeling and as part of a weather watch leak barrier for new roofing. On large areas, you might also see a secondary strip of metal every ten to fifteen feet down the roof. These are installed by Norton roofing contractors to help protect homeowners from damage caused by growth of mold, lichen, algae and moss.

While mold-resistant roof shingles have been available for quite some time, it is important to make additional efforts to protect your investment in Norton, Massachusetts. Once you start studying the materials used to make these shingles, you will notice that they use either copper, zinc or a combination of both. It has been scientifically proven that these metals are beneficial in preventing the growth of mold, lichen, algae and moss. Zinc is by far the most beneficial option, as zinc oxide forms rather quickly so it can be washed down the surface of the roof to kill off and prevent growth.

In addition to ordering mold-resistant shingles through your contractor for professional roofing in Norton, and having zinc strips installed to prevent growth of mold and lichen, there are other things that you can do to further protect your home. Making sure that tree branches do not hang over your roof and taking time to trim down and prune trees, shrubs and other greenery that is near your home, can all make a big difference. Anything you can do to reduce shade and moisture will help reduce the likelihood of mold and lichen growing on your roof.

Getting Started: Consult a Professional
The best way to protect an existing roof or make plans to protect a brand new roof, is to consult with a professional who is experienced in residential building remodeling and roofing, right here in Norton, Massachusetts. BOSS Services, Inc. is a reputable professional roofing company that provides a wide range of services for homeowners, including remodeling, repair, renovation and replacement. Our team of highly trained technicians can also provide you with information regarding our weather water leak barrier and roof system solution, for all-around protection regardless of the weather.

It is important to understand that just raking or brushing off moss, mold and lichens from your roof won’t prevent it from happening again. Spores are found present in the air all around us, but they don’t become active and start growing unless the conditions are perfect. Adding zinc strips, using mold-resistant shingles, treating your existing roof with various products, and making sure that you don’t encourage growth through over-grown landscaping, are just some of the things you can do today to prevent it from happening again in the future.

What to Expect
BOSS Services, Inc. can come out to your property, assess the situation, discuss options for prevention, including the weather watch leak barrier and other residential building remodeling installations, as well as determine whether you are a candidate for the use of zinc strips. As an experienced contractor who works with professional roofing in Norton, we have a lot of insight into what your home needs to stay clean, healthy and free of damaging growth, such as mold, lichen, algae and moss.

After providing you with a comprehensive consultation, our team of Norton roofing contractors will work with you to find a solution that fits your home, needs and budget. Whether you want to add zinc strips as part of a complete residential building remodeling project or if you just want to add them to an existing roof, our team can help you with just about any type of work for professional roofing in Norton and the surrounding area. Give us a call at 508-297-0635 to learn more about your options for mold and lichen growth or to get a QUOTE for our services.