Use Ridge Cap Shingles to Your Advantage for Easton Roofing

Ridge Cap Shingles on RoofOne of the most important aspects about roofing installation in Easton, Massachusetts and everywhere else in the northeast, is making sure that sufficient ventilation is included. There are many reasons why you need proper ventilation for your roof, including allowing air flow in summer to prevent heat build-up from occurring in your attic, which can make your home remain warm and difficult to cool. Ventilation is also important for preventing moisture from getting indoors and causing damage. When you start making plans to install a new roof with a licensed and insured contractor, make sure to talk about ventilation.

What are Ridge Cap Shingles?
These are specialized shingles that were designed for use on the ridge portion of the roof. As a result, these shingles help to provide supplemental ventilation to augment the existing ventilation for the structure. Experienced roofing specialists, such as Boss Services, Inc., will often install these unique materials to provide clients with improved ventilation in their attics. GAF hip and ridge cap shingles are available through this licensed and insured contractor in Massachusetts, providing homeowners with the perfect finishing touch for their brand new roofing installation in Easton and the surrounding area.

Boss Services, Inc. clients can choose from the following GAF products:

  • Timbertex® – Offers a premium multi-layer design that features a massive 8-inch exposure that is 195 percent thicker than strip shingles, providing a superior look and performance.
  • Seal-A-Ridge® – The most cost-effective option available, featuring high-quality alternatives to using cut-up strip shingles for a ridge cap. Comes available in a special impact-resistant version known as Seal-A-Ridge® IR.
  • Z®Ridge – Unique “Z-fold” design was created to imitate the look of thick wood shakes to provide a distinct appearance and classic touch to any home.

When you contact Boss Services, Inc. for a roofing installation in Easton, we can provide hip and ridge cap shingles as part of your roofing replacement plan. Make sure to also ask about the StormGuard® leak barrier, which is also available from GAF for top performing results and protection from the elements. Both of these options are very popular with clients throughout Massachusetts, which help them to achieve their goals of both aesthetics and function.

More Advantages of Ridge Cap Shingles
One of the most obvious reasons why customers choose hip and ridge cap shingles is because they look great. This is a high quality shingle that is designed to fit perfectly over the ridge of your roof, providing beautiful results without compromising function. Because they are designed specifically for this purpose, ridge cap shingles will last longer, perform better, and have a significantly decreased chance of tearing or cracking like standard shingles. When straight shingles are used in this fashion, they are often unable to handle the stress of being shaped and don’t last very long.

Another problem with using bent straight shingles on the ridge, is that they aren’t usually reinforced properly, meaning that they won’t have the required adhesion to help them stay up on the ridge properly. As this is a very crucial part of your roofing installation in Easton, cracked or slipped ridge cap shingles can allow moisture to get into your home and can cause problems with proper ventilation. Custom designed ridge cap shingles have extra adhesive near the edge to help keep the shingle down and in place. This protects them from blvowing off in heavy winds or becoming loose on their own over time.

Hire a Professional
Professional roofing companies, such as Boss Services, Inc., can help you choose the best materials for your roofing installation in Easton. It pays to work with a licensed and insured contractor to make sure that you get the very best products available to increase the life and function of your new roof. From hip and ridge cap shingles that are properly installed, to the use of StormGuard® leak barriers, our team of professional roofing installers can help you get the results that you desire.

If you are interested in hiring Boss Services, Inc. to provide your roofing installation or would like to set an appointment for a consultation and project estimate, give us a call at (508) 297-0635. Our team can help you with a wide variety of products and installation services for hip and ridge cap shingles, leak barriers and much more. Call today to get a QUOTE for any of our professional home improvement services.