Residential Painting Services: Painting to Protect in Norton

Painting to Protect Exterior of HomeWhile it is impossible to ever completely stop the damaging effects of the weather on exterior wood, it is possible to reduce the effects by using quality painting to protect. Exterior painting in Norton and the surrounding Massachusetts region, is more important than you might think. Choosing the right type of paint isn’t as much about the color as it is about protecting what’s underneath. A professional paint job from a trusted and respected contractor is the best way to get the best results. Norton residential painting services can be obtained through Boss Services, Inc., which has served the local area since 1989.

It’s All in the Finish
When it comes to exterior paint options, the finish that you choose for your paint is almost as important as the brand name that you trust. Sherwin-Williams is one of the most trusted names in exterior and interior paint, and they recommend that you choose a finish that is designed to protect exterior wood. There are two types that are designed to be used to protect exterior services. One is a type that creates a coating layer on top of the wood to prevent damage. The other is a type that actually penetrates the surface of the wood, but does not leave a visible, coated layer. Most people are familiar with the first type, as paint and varnishes fall under that category. The second type would include products like preservatives, water repellents and stains that are pigmented or semi-transparent.

  • Paint – The number one most protection available for wood against harmful UV rays and basic erosion. When you paint over a wooden surface, the paint coats the wood and prevents moisture from rain, snow, ice and humidity from getting in, while blocking out the UV rays, seal in the natural oils and resins of the wood. Unpainted surfaces become dry, faded, brittle and begin to decay, revealing the benefits of painting to protect. Work with our team to determine whether acrylic latex or oil-based exterior painting in Norton would be best for your home and location.
  • Varnish – Another popular choice for professional paint jobs on the exterior of homes is varnish. A clear varnish works to enhance the natural color and grain of quality wood surfaces. However, varnish does require a lot more maintenance than paint. Scraping and re-coating after the sun breaks down the varnish is quite common. To avoid this, experts suggest using varnish in areas where there is consistent shade from roofing or overhangs to help protect it from UV damage.
  • Penetrating – Finishes that penetrate or get absorbed into the wood work differently than paint or varnish. The surface pores of the wood become saturated with the product, many of which come with built-in water repellents and preservatives, as well as insect and mildew prevention ingredients. Speak with your local Norton residential painting services to find out if this type of finish is right for your home. This option is usually best for woods that are coarse or already weathered by years of exposure, which can be good because these types of surfaces won’t accept paint well.

Choose Boss Services, Inc. and Sherwin-Williams
If you are looking for an unbeatable combination for your home’s professional paint job, look no further than Boss Services, Inc. in Massachusetts and top quality exterior painting in Norton with Sherwin-Williams products. Many advances have been made in the options available to help homeowners with painting to protect. Norton residential painting services can include high-tech solutions, such as Resilience®, Sherwin-Williams’ latest exterior paint, which is formulated with its MoistureGuard™ technology. Resilience® helps exteriors to develop a resistance to moisture twice as fast as other exterior paints in an incredible two-hour period, much quicker than other exterior latex paints.

Regardless of the weather, you can schedule a professional paint job through Boss Services, Inc. and still get high quality results with excellent moisture-resistance and unmatched durability. Resilience® also has a low VOC, making it the perfect choice for environmentally friendly projects.

In addition to Resilience®, Sherwin-Williams has also introduced Duration® Exterior Coating formulated with PermaLast®, which is a revolutionary state-of-the-art acrylic co-polymer technology, that is designed to maximize the build-up of coating provided for exterior painting in Norton by approximately 70 percent higher than other high-end exterior paints. What this does is create a flexible and durable layer of protection that won’t blister or peel. Duration® provides one-coat coverage for repainted surfaces, which makes it idea for short schedules.

Make sure to ask your representative at Boss Services, Inc. about other options for Norton residential painting services from Sherwin-Williams, including A-100® with Advanced Resin Technology, for superior adhesion and color retention that can even resist frost in cold conditions, making it a great choice for New England winters.

Call Boss Services, Inc. for Exterior Paint Projects
If you are interested in learning more about exterior painting in Norton or would like to hear more about the advanced products available from Sherwin-Williams, contact our team at Boss Services, Inc. by calling 508-297-0635. Our team of designers, paint experts and craftsmen can help you choose the best options available for painting to protect your home. Call today to schedule an appointment to get a FREE estimate for our Norton residential painting services.