Boss Services, Inc. is an industry leader in both interior and exterior painting. We have so much faith in our craft, that we’re willing to offer a 5-year written warranty on all of our exterior paint! We are the most knowledgeable painting company in New England with a dedicated team of experienced craftsmen that constantly keep themselves abreast of industry research and development through continued education with trade affiliates like the PDCA, the Nation's top coatings manufacturers including Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, trade shows, and trade magazines. With the emergence of new technology and techniques and the ever-evolving and more educated homeowner, Boss Services remains on the cutting edge and is always first to take advantage of these new resources that will improve our service.

A paint job does a lot more than just make your home look better. A quality paint job protects your home’s interior and exterior. Caulk, putty and paint bridge the gaps between surfaces making them impenetrable by water. The paint encapsulates the surface and protects it from harmful elements and pests. A professional paint job not only looks better but it also lasts longer and saves you money and time by protecting the wood from costly damage, giving you more time and money to enjoy the things you love most.

How do we do it?

People Often Ask: How can you warranty exterior paint projects for five years given our tough New England weather?

Answer: By developing a more scientific approach. Scott Levesque developed our Superior 7-Step System for exterior residential painting. As a licensed builder, Scott has a much better understanding of the building system, and how things such as ventilation, watershed, building envelope, moisture barriers, and flashing all work together to achieve functionality and longevity.

This guaranteed-results system has been proven to handle the tough New England weather allowing us to offer such a great warranty. Our system provides proven reliability performance and endurance, having been perfected over more than two decades. Our projects have always been guaranteed since our inception 22 years ago.

A true professional painting contractor doesn't merely put paint on your building; a true professional knows the entire building system. What does this deeper understanding mean for you?

Here's an example: Faulty flashing above a window or door can allow water to get behind the siding causing mold and rot damage. Initially, the only evidence of a problem will be some peeling paint (a so-called "problem area"). However, there are no "problem areas"; usually, there is a problem. And if left unchecked, this could cause some very serious and costly damage, not to mention headaches. We can solve this problem by installing a piece of flashing that costs only around 50 cents.

Boss Services has the know-how to handle problems that ordinary painters will just try to cover up. Our craftsmen are trained experts employing a superior system, and that's how we consistently get great results. Over the years, we have saved our customers thousands and thousands of dollars by doing things right the first time.

Superior 7-Step System:

  1. Assess the building. This includes inspecting the building for abnormal wear patterns. If these patterns are present, we investigate the reason and determine the solution. Then we take moisture readings and paint samplings, some of which we may send to a lab for testing.
  2. Power wash and treat for mold and mildew using shrub- and lawn-safe mold/mildewcide products.
  3. Prepare building. Cover and protect all surfaces not being painted. Then, we scrape and sand to remove all loose paint using a variety of advanced sanders allowing for a superior finish.
  4. Prime the surfaces as necessary. We use top-quality primers to provide a superior bonding coat and/or a barrier coat. This makes the top coat look better and last longer.
  5. Seal all knots and stains using shellac-based primer sealer.
  6. Caulk and putty to bridge all gaps in surfaces making them impenetrable.
  7. Apply top-quality top-coat finishes from only the highest quality manufacturers.

The systems we have created are proven systems with over 22 years of field-testing. Every home we’ve painted has been warranted for five years. Literally thousands. Our reputation and Better Business Bureau record speaks for itself. Isn’t it time you loved your home again?

Products You Can Trust

Here at Boss Services Inc. we use these products to create quality craftsmanship that lasts!