Five Signs That You Need a New Roof in Norton, Massachusetts

Signs That You Need a New RoofIt doesn’t matter how old your home is or how long it’s been since you last had your roof inspected, problems can literally crop up overnight that could require you to have to install a new roof. So how do you know if you need a new roof or if you just require a repair? The first step is to call Boss Services, Inc., your trusted Norton roofing company, to have them come out to take a look. They can determine the status of your existing roofing installation and let you know whether the issues you are seeing are minor, which would require a simple or extensive repair, or if they are much larger and might require a brand new roof.

A lot of things can cause a good roof to go bad. Cheap materials, poor insulation or a beating taken by Mother Nature. It is important to get your roof inspected regularly each year to make minor repairs as they pop up instead of waiting for a serious sign that a problem has occurred. The following tips are designed to help new homeowners determine whether or not they might need a new roof. Remember, there are many different types of roofs that were built with different types of materials, so your mileage may vary. However, it is important to know what to look for so you can contact your roofing company right away to see if you will need to get a new roof in Norton or not.

Sign #1 – Leaks
Not all leaks are created equal, but if you see any leaks inside of your attic after a storm, you might need to install a new roof. Even if it is currently dry, you should be able to see signs that leaking has occurred previously, which would at least warrant an inspection. Outside of strong storms and driving rains, ice dams can also cause water to enter your home. Issues with the underlay for shingles and flashing at chimneys, skylights and vent pipes, can all cause leaks if the sealant has come undone or deteriorated.

Sign #2 – Ceilings & Walls
If you notice stains, see paint peeling or notice growth of mold and mildew on your interior walls, it could be caused by moisture getting inside from the roof. Once again, missing shingles, problems with flashing, underlay issues and even problems with ventilation, could all be the cause of excessive moisture. Make sure to contact your local Norton roofing company as soon as possible to check your roofing installation if you notice any of these issues.

Sign #3 – Shingles
If you notice that you have missing shingles or have shingles that are cracked and curled, they might be in need of replacing. In some cases, where the broken shingles are an isolated case due to direct damage, repairs of your roof might be sufficient. However, if your shingles are becoming work, dried out and break just when touched, that means that they all need to be replaced. When you find that you need to get a new roof in Norton, make sure to contact Boss Services, Inc. for a quality roof that is professionally installed.

Sign #4 – Dirty Spots
When you look at your roof and notice that there are areas that appear dirty or dark, that could be an indication of mold, algae, fungus or other types of vegetation. It can also be a sign that the protective granules on your shingles have become lost. In most cases, this does not mean that you need to install a new roof, but that you need to do something quick before these issues reduce the life of your shingles. GAF Shingles, which are available through your Norton roofing company, can be protected with StainGuard®, which can prevent this from happening. Ask your contractor about GAF Shingles, particularly materials that have the StainGuard® label on their packaging for long-lasting protection.

Sign #5 – Increased Utility Bills
If you are suddenly spending more money to keep your home cool in the summer, it could be due to issues with attic ventilation. This makes your HVAC system run more frequently in order to maintain thermal control, causing you to consume more energy and drive up your utility bill. If the warm weather gets trapped in your attic and the ventilation is not sufficient, the hot air gets trapped inside, making your home warmer. Unfortunately, this can also cause moisture to get trapped inside the attic, causing damage to insulation and other parts of your home, as well as driving up energy costs year-round.

So What Should You Do?
If you notice any of these issues on your current roofing installation, contact Boss Services, Inc. by calling (508) 297-0635. You should not ignore any of these issues for fear of having to install a new roof. The longer you let them go on, the worse it will get. In some cases you might be able to get away with minor repairs with a reputable Norton roofing company instead of having to get a whole new roof. Call today to speak with one of our highly trained and experienced technicians at Boss Services, Inc.