Five Projects With Paint That Add Value to Your Easton Home

Painting Adds Value to HomeIt’s one thing to commit to doing home remodeling services in Easton, MA, but it’s another to choose projects that are designed specifically to add value to your home. While projects such as residential painting in New England will help your home to look better and bring an outdated room into a more modern-looking design, they can also help you to increase the value of your home, whether you have plans on putting it on the market, or not. It’s always a good idea to think toward the future and consider whether the work you are doing will affect the price of your home. So whether you are doing Easton interior painting or remodeling, it pays to hire a professional to help you maximize the return on your investment.

Why These Projects Add Value
You might be wondering what it is about the five projects mentioned in this article that makes them affect the value of your home. The first project is an outdoor project that immediately improves the curb appeal of your property. This is a great place to start. The second and third projects deal with the most important rooms in your home, rooms that real estate agents have identified as “make it or break it” spaces when it comes to prospective home buyers. The fourth is similar to the first in that it helps to make a better first impression, and the fifth example is part of a growing national trend to expand the usable living space for the home. Hiring a respected company to provide you with a professional paint job will maximize the value of the work that is being done, helping you to get more out of the project as a whole.

Project #1 – ENTRY AREA
Studies show that even simple improvements, such as upgrading your front door with a fresh coat of paint, will help to boost the value of your home. Add fresh paint to the wood trim, threshold and other elements near the front entry. Contact Boss Services, Inc. for residential painting in New England to help improve your home’s curb appeal. You can further improve the space by adding some landscaping elements, clean up your walk and add a simple welcome mat or wreath. Work with your real estate agent when you discuss putting your home on the market for even more ideas on improvements that you can use to your advantage.

If you have ever looked into the cost of replacing kitchen cabinets and cupboards as part of a larger project for home remodeling services in Easton, MA, then you know how expensive it can be. However, it is possible to do a makeover on a budget if you use Easton interior painting services. While there are kits available that promise beautiful-looking refinished cabinets, the truth is that refinishing your kitchen cabinets and cupboards is a lot more labor intensive than many of these DIY project guides let on. If they are done right with a professional paint job, your kitchen cabinets can look and feel brand new. Consult with one of our expert painters who will let you know if your cabinets are in good enough condition to refinish instead of replace.

Project #3 – BATHROOM
Painting the inside of your home can completely change the look of any room. One of the best rooms to transform with the power of paint is the bathroom. A subtle or complete change of color can make a big difference, helping a small bathroom look larger and an over-sized bathroom feel more comfortable. Consult with our experts for residential painting in New England, to help choose the best brand, color and finish of paint for your bathroom or any room in your home. Make sure to check the color you are considering at different times of the day and in different types of lighting, as the color can look differently. Sometimes the color is right, but just choosing a slightly lighter or darker shade can make all the difference.

Project #4 – EXTERIOR
In addition to updating your home’s entry space, you can also take advantage of our home remodeling services in Easton, MA to help spruce up the entire outside of your property. Depending on the age of your home and the outside surface, you will want to choose the best possible materials for your professional paint job. Repairs should be made, as well as patching and caulking, to ensure that the quality of the finished product. Painting the exterior of your home, both the primary painting surface and the trim, will instantly improve the curb appeal of your home. It also increases the value of your home, as painting provides a protective coating for the wood and other materials in addition to providing fresh color.

Another great project is to add or customize an outdoor living space. This type of project has moved beyond a basic barbecue and picnic area to create an entire outdoor living room, kitchen and dining room area. Painting or staining a deck, custom painting the outdoor living area and ensuring that all of the wooden materials are properly coated and protected, can help your outdoor living space last for many years.

Trust the Team at Boss Services, Inc.
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