Energy Efficient Windows in Easton: Improvements That Add Value

Energy Efficient Windows in EastonIt is a given that a home that was built prior to the 1950s will likely require some upgrades in order to be more energy efficient. However, it can be difficult to try and stay to the style and design of the home when making renovations, especially if the existing windows are odd-sized and hard to find. Custom replacement windows can be a solution if you are looking to install windows in Easton for older homes. Energy efficient windows won’t just help to update the look and feel of the home, but they provide realistic energy savings in a home that was built before that was really even a consideration. Choosing to work with a contractor to make home improvements that add value is the best way to get a solid return on your investment.

Why Energy Efficient Windows Matter
Studies reveal that poor quality or leaky windows and doors can add up to as much as 20 percent of heat loss in your home, causing your HVAC system to work harder, consume more energy, and drive up your energy bill. When you choose to install windows in Easton that reflect the style of your home and meet the Energy Star standards, you can reduce your utility costs while maintaining the classic look of your older home. Working with a reputable local contractor who knows the area, appreciates the charm of older homes, and is willing to go the extra mile to get replacement windows and make other home improvements that add value is the key to a successful transition.

Choosing the Best Style for Your Home
One hint from the experts is that when you start shopping for windows and window styles with your contractor, think about how they will look on your home. There are lots of designs and lots of great name brand manufacturers to choose from, so don’t settle for so-so when you could invest in a “wow” upgrade for your home. Step back and look at the windows that are currently installed and think about the way they are made. For example, a traditional colonial home usually features double-hung windows that have what are known as six-over-one grids. Other common styles in older homes are the large double-hung windows and bay windows found in Cape Cod homes. The goal is to find a balance between the benefits of energy efficient windows and the traditional look and appeal of the original design.

What About Color?
Another area where you are going to need to make a decision is with color. When you hire a contractor to provide you with home improvements that add value, you need to think about every part of the project. Ask your replacement windows installer about the various options for both interior and exterior window colors to help enhance the look of your entire remodel. Windows are functional accessories and should be included in part of the design. Wood grain colors are nice, but whatever colors you choose, make sure that it coordinates with the look, style and color scheme of your home. Ask about custom colors if you are unable to find any stock colors to match. Some manufacturers will match colors for special orders.

Most Energy Efficient Options
Today’s modern replacement windows will already perform better than 20, 40 or 60 year-old windows. They are made with multiple panes (layers), unlike the single-layer styles that people used to put onto older homes. Choose windows that have two or more panes of glass to maximize energy savings. Get all of the options that really make a difference, such as weather-stripping, barriers, built-in air locks and energy-saving gasses. Gases such as argon and krypton, which have no odor or color, work to improve thermal efficiency year-round.

Less Maintenance
Another benefit to upgrading to energy efficient windows when you install windows in Easton is that you will have less maintenance to worry about than you did with your original windows. Today’s new replacement windows require less upkeep, are low on maintenance and the materials used will not peel, warp or crack. Some will even have invisible coatings that keep damaging UV rays out and off of your flooring, furniture and window treatments.

Contact Boss Services, Inc. for Home Improvements That Add Value
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