Easton Residential Windows: Installing Custom Storm Windows

Custom Storm WindowsOne of the best ways to protect your Massachusetts home is through the use of custom storm windows. If you are unable to afford replacement of your original single-pane windows, but want to enjoy the protection that comes from energy efficient windows, then storm windows could be right for you. Seasonal windows in Easton are used to help reduce the flow of outside air into your home. The added air space that is between the existing window and the custom storm windows, acts like a cushion of extra insulation.

The Benefits of Seasonal Windows
Easton residential windows that are designed for this purpose are an affordable solution for homeowners with drafty windows, as well as during the heart of a New England winter. There are many benefits to using these custom storm windows. They are a very simple and affordable way to make improvements to your home in the winter months.

Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Increased Efficiency – When you install seasonal windows in Easton, you help to reduce the energy that is consumed by your HVAC system in order to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.
  • Reduced Noise – Not only will you be able to keep the winter wind out of your home, but you’ll hear it a lot less, along with noisy neighbors, construction, busy street sounds and barking dogs.
  • Simple Installation – You can usually install all of your custom storm windows in a single afternoon – much easier than cleaning out gutters or raking leaves. Doesn’t require any carpentry or skills, other than basic knowledge of how it works.
  • Added Protection – Storm windows will actually provided extra protection for your year-round Easton residential windows, lengthening the life of the seals, protecting from exposure to wind, dust, UV light and damaging winter conditions.
  • Improved Appearance – Today’s energy efficient windows look so much better than the windows that were probably put on your home when it was built. You can order custom storm windows to provide the look, visibility and added protection that you want, based on your home’s specific needs.

Different Types of Custom Storm Windows
When it comes time to purchase seasonal windows in Easton to protect your home in the colder months, it is important to know what you are looking for when you speak with your contractor. There are four basic types of storm windows to choose from, including two track, triple track, two track sliders and basement or picture windows. Easton residential windows need to be strong enough to keep out a New England winter and have enough added features to properly fit your existing windows.

  • Basement (Picture) – Typically a single pane window, the pane itself is held in place on the outside of the frame with thumb latches for quick and easy removal.
  • Two Track – Features two tracks with the outer track containing a half-screen and an outer pane of glass that does not slide up or down. The inside track contains the inside pane, which can be opened and closed to allow screen use. Typically used with double-hung windows.
  • Two Track Sliders – Similar to two track storm windows, sliders open horizontally for slider windows, instead of vertically, like the basic two track version.
  • Triple Track – There are two window panes and a half screen in each separate track to allow independent movement for ventilation and protection. These type of custom storm windows are used with double-hung windows.

Some of the features can include Low-E glass, which is a type of storm window that has what is known as a low-emissive coating that helps to boost energy efficient windows. It is an invisible metal or metallic oxide coating that is designed to reflect heat, while still allowing light to pass through. It was first used for residential windows in 1979, but has since become very popular, as more homeowners have become interested in improving efficiency. Storm windows can also come in a variety of colors. Typical basic shades include white, brown and a color known in the industry as mill, which is an aluminum-like silver color. Almond is another color that is sometimes available, however you can get custom storm windows in just about any color you require.

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