Comprehensive Roof System Solutions for Norton, MA Homeowners

Roofing Solutions in Norton, MAIt is important to think about all the ways that you can protect your brand new roof installation year-round. Working with a contractor who is experienced in local Norton construction and remodeling is a step in the right direction. When looking for a roof system solution, it pays to hire a team that has many years experience working with homeowners in your local area. Home remodeling services in Norton, including roofing, renovations, additions, and more, can all be obtained through BOSS Services, Inc.

Weather conditions in the northeast make it vital for homeowners to ensure that their roof is properly protected from moisture, mold and lichen growth, ice dams, leaks, and other damaging situations. Specialized products can be installed to help keep your roof in great condition, adding years to its life. While some tools are built-in and included in the quality materials that you choose for your brand new roof installation, others are add-ons that can become a part of your overall roof system solution.

Preventing Ice Dams in Winter
One of the most damaging weather-related situations that can impact your roof is the development of ice dams in the winter. The freeze-thaw cycle, combined with a poorly insulated roof, can cause a layer of ice to melt closest to your shingles, creating a dam of ice at the edge of your roof. Once the dam begins to build, any other water that appears through natural thawing or melting due to heat loss, has no way to escape your roof. Water is an element that will always find a way, and unfortunately, that way usually ends up being inside your home.

Home remodeling services in Norton do a lot of repair and renovation work as a result of damage caused by ice dams. You can prevent ice dams from forming before the first snowfall by making sure that your attic is well-insulated, install a water-repellent membrane underneath the shingles, or you can add de-icing cables, which can be switched on as-needed. While most of these tips are beneficial in that they also help your home to be more energy-efficient and create a vapor barrier, only one is a guaranteed cure for ice dams. Contact BOSS Services, Inc. about installing de-icing cables as part of your roof system solutions.

Preventing Mold & Lichen Growth
Winter isn’t the only time of year when problems can occur that threaten the safety and viability of your roof. In the spring and fall, when temperatures are cool and the weather is moist, things like mold, moss, lichen and algae can grow on your shingles. This is not only unsightly, as it can lead to permanent staining, but it can also cause serious damage to your existing or brand new rood installation. Your local home remodeling services in Norton, Massachusetts can help you with these issues.

Installing zinc strips to prevent the growth of mold, lichen and other related issues, has been used right here in Southeastern Massachusetts out on the Cape for many years. As rain, dew and other moisture trickles down your roof, zinc oxide goes with it, preventing these dangerous growths from ever taking root. Spores for mold, lichen, algae and moss are ever-present in the air. All they need is an environment is perfect for them to settle in and start growing to thrive. You can prevent this from happening before it even starts by adding zinc strips to your roof system solutions.

How BOSS Services, Inc. Can Help
Protect your home year-round with a brand new roof installation or the addition of roof system solutions, such as de-icing cables, zinc strips or other professional products. BOSS Services, Inc. has been providing top quality residential and commercial services to clients throughout Massachusetts since 1989. Through our home remodeling services in Norton and our roofing installations throughout the local region, we are able to provide homeowners and property owners with reliable solutions to common problems, including ice dams and growth of mold, moss, lichen and algae. Give us a call at 508-297-0635 to learn more about our roofing solutions and other options for Greater Norton construction and remodeling.