Choosing the Best Window Styles & Types for Norton, MA Homes

Best Window Styles for Norton HomeownersDo your windows open right to left? Left to right? Or up and down? Did you know that there are lots of different types of windows, materials, designs and styles? Chances are, unless you or someone you know works in the window industry, you probably aren’t very hip on all of the terms used to describe the different types of windows that are available for home remodeling services. Name brand windows, such as Andersen, Harvey or Stergis windows, are available to choose from when you work with a company that provides certified windows installation in Norton, MA and the surrounding area like Boss Services, Inc.

The more you can learn about the lingo involved in residential construction services, the easier it will be to communicate what you want to your contractor. The rest of this article will be dedicated to providing you with some terminology tools that will help you figure out the best options for your home remodeling project.

TYPES – The following descriptions will help you know about the different types of windows available for windows installation in Norton and all over Massachusetts. Choose from various brands like Andersen, Harvey and Stergis windows in a number of colors and materials.

  • Awning-Style – This type of window has a hinge at the top and opens outward like an awning. The sash presses against the frame of the window, allowing it to close tightly. Great for ventilation even when it’s raining, as the pane deflects the rain. However, difficult to clean and will not support a window air-conditioning unit.
  • Casement-Style – Hinged on one side like a door, these windows are opened by cranking them outward. Allows for great ventilation and very easy to clean. Provides a more air-tight solution than double-hung windows and an excellent choice for keeping out rain and cold air. Similar to the awning-style, these windows are not suitable for window air-conditioning units.
  • Double-Hung – The lower inside window slides up and the upper outside slides down, allowing for improved air circulation. Double-screens can be used. Simple for cleaning, as the sash can be tilted. Great choice for window air-conditioners, however some will have trims that may cause extra shimming for stabilization. Different models were better than others at keeping out rain and cold air. All in all, a very popular choice.
  • Fixed-Style – Not for opening or ventilation, these windows are simply meant to allow light into a room. Completely airtight and sometimes even decorated with colorful accents. Used frequently in bathrooms, high stairways and other areas where windows would not need to be opened.
  • Hopper-Style – The hinge for these windows is at the bottom, allowing them to be opened either inward or outward. A great choice for over a door or another window to boost ventilation. Great seal against air leakage, even more than single and double-hung windows, as the sash presses fully against the frame when the window is locked. Screens may be used, either on the inside or the outside, depending on how it is installed. Not an option for window air-conditioners due to the design of this window.
  • Single-Hung – Similar to double-hung windows, but only the bottom half of the window is able to move moved and open. They look just like double-hung windows, but they cost less due to having less moving parts. Another feature of the top sash being sealed is that it keeps out rain and cold air. Not as many ventilation features, but this window is excellent for window air-conditioning units, as long as some shimming is used for stabilization.

MATERIALS – The following descriptions are about the materials used to make the frames for the different types of windows available for residential construction services. Choose based upon the design of your home, the style of window and your budget for home remodeling services.

  • Fiberglass-Frame – This is a relatively new options for windows installation in Norton, however it is very low-maintenance and affordable. Ask your contractor to find out if this option is available yet in your area.
  • Vinyl-Frame – Extremely affordable and low-maintenance. A great choice for residential construction services, particularly when the homeowner is on a budget.
  • Wood-Frame – Choose from solid wood or composite wood options. Most wood frames that are built today include aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass cladding to protect the wood material from damage and the elements. More expensive than other options, but they are often better-looking and preferred by homeowners for aesthetic purposes. Choose from natural wood options, which can be painted or stained. A variety of hardware finish options are also available to customize the look and feel.

Other Options to Consider
In addition to the type of window and the material used to make it, there are other options that must be considered for windows installation in Norton for homeowners. Glazing can be used to improve insulation and sound-proofing on windows, available in double-glazed or triple-glazed options. The popular Low-E coating helps to reflect heat, while still allowing light in for the summer, while keeping heat in during the winter. Go over your goals for adding new Andersen, Harvey or Stergis windows as part of your residential construction services with your contractor at Boss Services, Inc. Our team can help you find the best solutions, based on your individual needs.

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