Can You Get a Written Warranty in Easton for Exterior Paint?

Written Warranty for Exterior PaintYou might be surprised to find out that it is possible to get a five-year written warranty for exterior paint right here in Massachusetts from Boss Services, Inc. As an industry leader in Easton for interior and exterior paint, we have developed a high quality technique and use top brand name paint solutions, which allow us to guarantee our work in writing. We are the most dedicated and knowledgeable painting company in all of New England, with a team of highly experienced craftsmen who stay on top of the latest developments and research in the painting industry. We work with other industry leaders, including Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, to provide superior results that are unmatched throughout the local region.

We attend trade show events, stay abreast of research in industry publications, are associated with affiliates like the PDCA and work diligently to stay on the cutting edge of new technology and techniques that help use to provide our clients with the very best guaranteed results in Easton and the surrounding area. We are always the first to take advantage of the new solutions, products and resources available to professional painting contractors in New England.

Why It All Matters
When it comes to painting your home, we know that it’s a major investment for most homeowners. You want to know that you are getting high quality services for your Easton interior and exterior paint projects, which is why we offer a written warranty on all of our exterior paint projects. Painting the outside of your home can be a huge undertaking, but we work with you one-on-one to find the solutions and color options that suit your tastes, needs and budget. We don’t just paint over the surface and move on to the next client. We ensure that any repairs or preventive measures that need to be made get done effectively and efficiently before we begin to paint.

Some of the additional services we offer to provide better quality results include:

  • caulk and putty to protect wood and other surfaces
  • air and vapor sealing around windows and doors
  • replace or add flashing to prevent moisture penetration
  • sand and repair dents and dings for more even coverage

Once the repairs are made, our team can begin to paint. Paint works to seal the surface of your home to make it impenetrable by water and moisture. This helps to protect the wood and other materials from damage over time. It also provides a shield against UV rays, which increases the life of the paint and the materials. Our knowledge of painting and the requirements of homeowners in Massachusetts with regard to protection from the elements, helps us to offer solutions that provide our clients with guaranteed results in Easton and the surrounding area. Using quality materials for all of our Easton interior and exterior paint, provides greater resistance to normal wear and tear, offering long-lasting durability where others fail.

How a Written Warranty is Possible
As you start shopping around to look for a professional painting contractor, you might notice that it is rare to find a company that will guarantee their work. Boss Services, Inc. is able to provide our clients with a five-year written warranty with guaranteed results in Easton that is unmatched by our competition. The technique that we use is called the Superior 7-Step System, which was developed by licensed builder, Scott Levesque. Due to Scott’s understanding of how a building works, including essential elements such as the building envelope, moisture barrier, flashing, watershed and ventilation, we are able to take a more comprehensive approach that totally protects the exterior of your home.

If you are interested in learning more about our Superior 7-Step System or would like to get a FREE QUOTE from our team at Boss Services, Inc., give us a call at 508-297-0635. One of our professional painting contractor team members will come out to your property to give you a quote for Easton interior and exterior paint. Call today and see for yourself why so many homeowners in Massachusetts have trusted Boss Services, Inc. for their home remodeling, painting, roofing and more, since 1989.