Budget Window Installation: Replacing Windows in Norton, MA

Install New Residential WindowsThere comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they are faced with having to replace broken windows. Windows that are worn, no longer provide protection from the elements or enhance the curb appeal of your home. Unfortunately, not every homeowner is financially ready for this type of project and must look for budget window installation options. While you might not be able to purchase the top-of-the-line new construction windows at this moment in time, you can still get quality window replacements in Norton that won’t totally break the bank.

The best place to start is by contacting a reputable home improvement contractor in the local area, such as Boss Services, Inc. They will have a variety of options for you that will improve the look of your home, reduce your energy bills compared to your single-pane windows, and help to provide protection from a New England winter. It can be expensive to replace windows, however it does pay to hire a professional to do the installation in order to maximize the return on your investment. There’s no point in spending all your money on expensive windows just to do a DIY installation or have an inexperienced handyman do it for you with disastrous results.

Should You Repair or Replace Old Windows?
When you hire a professional home improvement contractor to do an evaluation of your windows, you will be told whether you can repair or replace broken windows or if replacing the entire frame is the best way to go. Replacement windows can be installed into the original frame, as long as the frame is not rotted, cracked or otherwise damaged. If the frame is in bad shape, you would need to put in what is known as a new construction window, which will cost significantly more due to the additional materials and increased labor.

Lots of windows to replace? Some homeowners have replaced their windows one or two at a time as they could afford it to help save money. However, the truth is that it will cost you less per window if you install multiple windows at the same time. If you know that you need to replace all or most of the windows in your home, you might want to get a quote, save up the money or get a low-interest home improvement loan, and do them all at once. Ask your home improvement contractor about budget window installation options for window replacements in Norton and the surrounding Massachusetts area.

New Windows and Older Homes
There are a lot of beautiful, older homes in the New England region. When people buy these homes, they want to keep the historical charm and beauty of the original design. It is important to replace broken windows and make window replacements in Norton that complement the style of the home. Homes that were made before the 1970s were built with what is known as old-growth woods, which have tighter grains and resist moisture and decay better than many of the homes that were built since. The majority of homes that home improvement contractor services see that have rotted and damaged frames were built in the mid-1970s through the turn of the century.

If you suspect that you might need to replace all of your windows in older homes – even homes just ten years old or more – you will want to hire a professional to check the quality of your frames and sills. They will be able to check for signs of rot and damage that could be compromising the function of your windows, allowing not just cold air indoors, but making a way for moisture, mold, mildew and other allergens to get inside.

However, if you have old windows on an older home that have quality frames that are still in great condition, you might be able to get a budget window installation that just requires repairs. The frames can still be spruced up by stripping off the old or original paint so they can be painted or stained to match the exterior of your home. New storm windows and window replacements in Norton can be added that feature low-emittance or low-E coatings, which will help to reduce the facing effects of the sun and prevent heat transfer from indoors to outdoors in the winter and from outdoors to indoors in the summer.

Call Boss Services, Inc. for Budget Window Installation
If you are considering making window replacements in Norton, Massachusetts or anywhere in the surrounding area, contact Boss Services, Inc. by calling (508) 297-0635. One of our home improvement contractor specialists will come out to your property to take a look at your windows. Whether you decide to replace broken windows or are looking to do a complete budget window installation, we can help you find the best options to complement the design and style of your home. Call today to request an estimate for your remodeling project.