Avoid Leaky Roofs in Norton: GAF Weather Watch® Leak Barrier

Leak Barrier ProtectionIf you have ever experienced a leaky roof in the middle of a New England storm, then you know why it is so important to work with a Norton roofing contractor who can provide you with the proper materials to prevent leaks in the future. Sometimes one of the most difficult jobs in leaky roof repair in Norton is actually finding the leak. While some leaks are very obvious and apparent, some leaks can come from tricky areas and locations that only an experienced home improvement contractor could find.

The Weather Watch® leak barrier from GAF roofing products can help protect against ice dams and wind-driven rain. If you are thinking about hiring a Norton roofing contractor, such as Boss Services, Inc., to install a brand new roof, you will definitely want to ask about the Weather Watch leak barrier. Even if you only require leaky roof repair in Norton and the surrounding area, you will still want to ask about GAF to find out if there are any products that can help prevent leaks in the future.

How to Find a Roof Leak
Your absolute best bet in leak detection for your roof is to hire a qualified, certified home improvement contractor to find the leak for you. While it can sometimes be simple to locate the cause of a leak, it is still best left to a professional Norton roofing contractor who can take care of this type of work for you.

Some leaks aren’t obvious, but after some searching, can be found through damage to the wood or odors coming from certain areas. Sloped roofs can be really difficult to detect leaks, while flat roofs can be very obvious.

Other areas of your roof can actually cause leaks, with repairs that don’t require you to put in a new roof. Gutters, the metal flashing around vent pipes, chimneys and skylights, can all be causes of leaks. Contact Boss Services, Inc. for an inspection to ensure that every single leak point has been located before you start investing money into a repair.

Typical Locations for Leaks
Regardless of the type of roof that you have, there are certain areas on every roof where leaks tend to happen the most. To avoid leaky roofing in the future, ask your home improvement contractor about the Weather Watch® leak barrier or the StormGuard® system from GAF. These materials can help to prevent leaks before they happen and can be installed by an authorized contractor in Massachusetts.

Some of the most common areas for leaks to occur include:

  • vertical slits in between singles
  • missing granules from shingles
  • loose or deteriorated seals round flashing
  • valleys in between two sloped roof panels

Choose Leak Barriers for Your Home
The two choices available from GAF include the StormGuard® film-surfaced leak barrier, which is an excellent option for use under shingles, and WeatherWatch®, which is an excellent choice for use under single roofs. These products are designed to protect your property by preventing leaks from occurring. Some of the conditions that these barriers can protect your home from include ice dams and wind-driven rain, as well as other common problems and weather conditions. Help to prevent leaks in the most common areas for leaks, including vent pipes, skylights, chimneys and dormers, as well as other places that use flashing.

Boss Services, Inc. is an authorized installer of the StormGuard® and WeatherWatch® leak barrier systems from GAF. Make sure to speak with your Norton roofing contractor when you call about hiring a home improvement contractor to install your new roof. There is more than one way to do leak roof repair in Norton, and there is also more than one way to prevent leaks from happening in the first place.

If you are interested in learning more about how these products can help prevent leaks, contact your professional Norton roofing contractor at Boss Services, Inc. Homeowners who are in need of leaky roof repair in Norton and the surrounding area, have trusted the team of contractors and craftsmen at Boss Services, Inc. for over two decades. Call today at (508) 297-0635 to get a QUOTE on any of our home improvement contractor services or to schedule an appointment for a consultation regarding the status of your existing roof.