We are full-service building, remodeling, and painting craftsman. You won't have to deal with ten different crews each doing one task, with delays and conflicts disrupting the workflow. When you hire us, you are getting a complete package. We are a group of highly-skilled contractors that work together seamlessly, to get the job done on time and within budget.

An addition is a multi-faceted project that requires many different skill sets. Because there are several trades involved, it takes a real coordinated effort to efficiently complete the project.

By coordinating architects, engineers, and site developers all under one roof, we can make additions that seamlessly fit with your home. People will have a hard time telling where the addition begins and the existing home ends!
Seamless Addition

Can you tell what part is the addition, and what part is the original house?

It all begins with good design.

Good design makes sense. It saves you money and gives you a return on investment many times over. Not only will you enjoy all the benefits that good design can do for your every day life, but you'll also enjoy cost savings at the time of construction and improved value now and in the future.

Boss services provides residential remodeling and renovation services in Bridgwater, Taunton, Middleboro, Plymouth and throughout Massachusetts

Inspired Design...

You tell us your dreams and goals and we'll come up with intelligent design inspired by your desires to live better. We use the knowledge we have gained through years of experience and through the many design ideas available to us through constant research and development.

Every free consultation includes a site inspection that is key to determining what type of addition will give you maximum benefit, so schedule one now!

Products You Can Trust

Here at Boss Services Inc. we use these products to create quality craftsmanship that lasts!